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What do I need to provide to get an accurate fish replica?
A good photo of your fish! Its length, weight, and if possible, girth.

What if I don't have a photo of my fish? Can I still get a fish replica?
Call us with a description of what you remember to be unique about your fish. We have had clients provide us with photos of other fish that they felt were similar to the one they had caught and we capture that essence in the fish replica we create.

Do I have to catch the fish if i just want one for decoration? Can I still get a fish replica?
Send us a photo of this fish you would like to have replicated and tell us what length you would like it to be. We recently created a Koi for a client who simply wanted to display the fish replica in her home.

Can I get my actual fish mounted instead of getting a fish replica?
While there are people out there who will taxidermy your actual fish, we no longer offer that service. We feel that the advantages of the fish replica outweigh any reason to mount the actual fish. One of the major benefits of a fish replica are that it will last forever, there is no shrinkage over time so you don't end up with a piece of "fish jerky" on your wall. We encourage catch and release when at all possible, so the fish replica allows a fisherman to still enjoy the trophy.

Any other questions? Give us a call at 303.335.8016 or email us at fishreplicasinc@gmail.com ANYTIME!

18" to 44"

45" to 59"

60" to 79"

80" to 99"

100" to 119"

$18.50 per inch

$18.50 per inch

$18.50 per inch

$19.00 per inch

$20.00 per inch

Call for pricing on fish 120" or larger
  • 50% deposit due at time of order; balance due upon completion
  • 6-month turnaround on most fish
  • Packaging and shipping additional
  • Finished with a 3-D hanger
  • Driftwood is an additional charge, $25.00–$50.00 based on size


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